Liquid Gold: How Colostrum Saves Money

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Sasha had given birth to preterm twins at 30 weeks. She was instructed to pump and hand-express her colostrum into a bottle or medicine cup. It was awkward to use the breast pump because the colostrum got stuck in the valve of the pump, and nurses had to scrape it out. After using the medicine […]

Primo-Lacto Study Results

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Maternal Life LLC, my company, has recently completed a clinical pilot study on Primo-Lacto at three different hospitals: Sharp Mary Birch in San Diego, CA, John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek, CA, and Indiana Memorial Hospital in South Bend, IN. Primo-Lacto Study Results (With P-values) Jules Sherman, MFA, Dr. Henry Lee MD, Neonatologist LPCH, Dr. Nancy […]

Story In, Story Out

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Wednesday, 1:07am Story In… “You’re doing okay, the baby is out…one more little push. You have some bleeding, I’m going to press down a little here. Nurse, can you get me the Bakri balloon please. This is definitely a hemorrhage…” “Which Bakri do you want? The old or new model?” “I don’t know which is […]

Empathy Learnings

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I’m co-teaching a course this summer at Stanford’s d. School with Dr. Henry Lee, Hamsika Chandrasekar and Seamus Harte called “Gaining Patient Perspectives On Disease.” We have called the class “The Empathy Project” on this website. Dr. Lee was awarded a grant by the Stanford Medical School to pursue an experimental course that uses storytelling as […]

A (extraordinary) Day In My Life

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A (extraordinary) Day In My Life I am inspired to write about an extraordinary day I experienced yesterday at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. A little background first: for the past four years I have been working diligently on a lactation support product I call “Primo-Lacto: A Closed System For Colostrum Collection.” This product is funded […]


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This week our class launched into the brainstorming and prototyping phase of design. We ended last week on Thursday with an exercise that illustrates the power of attitude and response style when brainstorming with other people. (see embedded mp3 below): This exercise is from “Only Human,” a podcast about health. Mary Harris, the creator of Only Human, did a […]


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Yesterday’s class was focused on the second phase of the design thinking process: synthesis/define. How the heck do we make sense of all the stuff we have seen and heard? What exactly are we “defining?” The point of synthesis is to try and find patterns or exceptions that help you understand what might be needed in […]

Austin Meyer Teaches Applied Improvisation — mindsets for effective collaboration, creativity, and culture change

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This week we are in the “synthesis” phase of the design process. So far, students have interviewed clinicians and newly delivered parents, observed three L&D medical simulations at CAPE , focused on challenges in the physical environment and had a tour of Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. A lot of information has been absorbed, and now it’s time to […]

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Tour

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Thursday, Jan. 14 our students had a tour of Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital L&D unit. Here are some student’s insights/observations. Here is a link to the photos. Some of the issues that stood out to me in the LDR were wire management hazards, the lack of space in case of an emergency resuscitation (there is no way 4-5 people […]